Using photographic material to create fine and abstract art.

This is a photograph of a wood carving (that I sadly no longer have) that I photographed in 2005. I also lost the original images, and this Photoshop blend is the only image I have left.  I had applied a texture to the upper half and obviously changed the colour to make the effect of greening copper.
As you go through this website, you will notice one consistent theme. I'm not scared to use colour, nor do I worry about manipulating images creatively. I've always enjoyed the endless creativity available from digital editing.  But I do call my compositions exactly what they are, compositions, even when they are based on photographic originals.
So I took this image into Photoshop again and this is the end result. An old image, recycled. Here are a few iterations of the blended result. I feel they would make a nice wall print, no?
I also blended a fractal image into the mix, clearly visible in the 5th and last image. This was the image I used, which is also a blend of 3 fractals I created for this sort of image manipulation.

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