People, Place, Space.

A selection of images from my travels around London.

We pathe the streets and build the architecture, they in turn shape the way we live out our citydweller lives.
I've always been fascinated by the interplay between people and architecture, urban sprawl, redevelopment and rejuvination of land, the ratio of space given back to nature, places set aside for our recreational use, the contemporary arteries of environmentally freindly travel that encourage us to brave the weather; jog, walk, cycle.
A well plannd development unites us in our common goal, to shuffle about, get to work, get home, get out and socialise, to live a little. A bad design segratates and divides us, it pushes, shoves and jars us, squeezing us into rat runs and traffic jams.
Just as the glass of a modern highrise reflects the surrounding sky, we are a performative reflection of a living, utilitarian city life.
I think of these images not only as photographic works, but as photojournalism as they document our ever changing streets and skyline.

These examples span over a decade, yet you can already pick out significat changes.
All images are Copyright © Tristan Jones - All rights reserved.
No unauthorised reproduction or distribution. Creative commons does not apply.

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