Just as the UK went into its first lockdown, following distancing guidelines, I went out for exercise and photographed double exposures as I walked. The series title 'Over and Over' was fittingly found in graffiti sprayed on a shutter, which I superimposed on a recently cut tree stump and a tree next to it.
I did wonder what the artist's intention was, and I'm sure they could never have imagined that their graffiti could become synonymous with a life under lockdown!

The series became a metaphore for lockdown. Nature left to itself, us stuck inside, I superimposed trees over blocks of flats, alluding to the fact that we were both leaving nature to its divices and that we were now victims of a natural phenomenon, a global pandemic, forcing us to hide indoors.

This particular rendition of the series became a printed 'Zine'.

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