Long Exposure

Examples of long exposure photography.

Long exposure images aren't hard to take, but they are hard to do well, if you want result you will be happy with.

You have three options:
1 - In-camera single long-exposure; but you are limited to shutter speed and exposure limits.
2 - In camera multi-exposure; more of the above problems.
3 - Image stacking.
Option one limits your choices. Option two is very hard to master. Option three is often considered cheating.

The reality is, once you surpass something like 400th of a second shutter speed, your image is already a faux and a long exposure image is just further fabrication of reality, but it is a fun fabrication! So I make no excuses for using option three. Multiple stacked long exposure images post-processed to "create" the resulting images. But I don't pretend I did it any other way, and it still takes some thought and skill to get decent results.

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