Playing With Light

Why not?

This is why I'm drawn to the randomness of this type of photography. You can take your source images into Photoshop and end up with something that (if it's to your taste) you would spend ages trying to draw or create from scratch.  Random, almost pointless imagery can be transformed into something of value.
Montage created in Adobe Photoshop using "blend if" and normal layer blend methods. Source images below.
Playing With Light.
Photography is all about (let's not get too scientific!) capturing light. I'm drawn to the endless random results you can get by simply pointing your lens at a light source and doing whatever comes to mind.
This (above) is one image from a set (see abstract section) I created from the city lights at the same location, for which I further used to create other artworks.
Created hand-held by any combination of panning, zooming, rotating and also by using gentle movements whilst focusing and defocusing on a light source.
A 90mm macro lens was used for these images except the last image on this page which was created using a 24mm prime.

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